Membership documents

Membership Forms and Fees (see membership forms)

Annual memberships will be offered beginning July 1, 2018 for:

Individual Membership ($100)

District Membership ($250)

Higher Education Organizations ($250)

Students ($50)

Friends of OSRC ($50)

Service Agencies ($200) 

If you already pay for an individual membership to OASSA, OAESA, CORAS, or BASA, please deduct $25.00 from the fee to become an inaugural member at a discounted rate of $75.00 for 2018!If you are a District or Institutional member already paying a fee to BASA or CORAS, deduct $50.00 to become an inaugural district member at a discounted rate of $200.00 for 2017!Checks should be made payable July 1 to:Ohio Small & Rural Collaborative 7790 W US Hwy 36, Saint Paris, Ohio 43207