Kirk Koennecke, Executive Director

Welcome to OSRC. I am proud to serve as your Executive Director, and to help guide our Board of Directors. Our mission is to provide members with rich professional development content over time, content that is relevant and engaging. I hope that you will provide us with important feedback and lend your voice to shaping our future opportunities, thus growing the power of our collaborative from within. As we help you develop a PLN worth more than the value of your membership fees, we hope you can share valuable insights for other members.This is an important and amazing time to be involved in small and rural school leadership. Forces all around us make it hard to connect, hard to spend, and hard to grow the next generation of educators. Our aim is to nourish them and protect them as they learn to manage leadership and next generation learning in schools across Ohio.We are fortunate that we have guidance from a network of states associations affiliated with the National Rural Education Association to help us. With partners like Allen Pratt, NREA’s Executive Director, and champions across Ohio, you can rest assured small and rural voice and choice is alive and well.Our strategic partners are key to delivering rich content to you and your colleagues over time. OSRC will be working closely with partners like Think TV PBS and area colleges to deliver curated content worthy of your time and relevant to your learning. In addition, I hope you find that our vendor partners will allow you to create a network of supports in your endeavors.I look forward to connecting with members across the state and helping you realize the power of the collaborative. This year is going to be a lot of fun. Watch us grow!

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